Sydney Childrens Surgery Doctor Carolyn Russell and Doctor Anthony Dilley Paediatric Surgeons in Gymea Randwick Liverpool, hospital booking

Your Hospital Booking, Sydney

Your child may have surgery at one of these hospitals:
Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick
Liverpool Public Hospital
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown
St George Public Hospital in Kogarah
Sydney Southwest Private Hospital in Liverpool
Sydney Surgical Centre in Randwick
President Private Hospital in Kirrawee
Please read the following information as admission processes differ at each hospital.

Admission Booking Forms

Dr Dilley and Dr Russell will complete hospital booking and consent forms for all hospitals.

Patients are required to submit the admission papers directly to:

Sydney Southwest Private Hospital has an online admission process. The link is

Sydney Children’s Surgery will submit paperwork to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. We will email information to patients regarding admission details.

Arrival and Fasting Times

The hospital will call you 1-2 days before your child’s surgery with details of arrival time and where to present at the hospital. You will be given instructions regarding the fasting times that need to be followed before surgery.

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
You will not receive a call before surgery, however, you will be provided with written instructions along with your paperwork.

When general anesthesia is required, there are some important rules for fasting that need to be followed in the hours before the surgery. Fasting begins at midnight prior to surgery. Do not give your child anything to eat or drink from this time.

Food or liquid in your child’s stomach during an anaesthetic may cause vomiting which can lead to serious complications.
The nurse will give you specific eating and drinking instructions for your child based on your child’s age.
Do not give your child anything to eat or drink (not even a sip of water) from the time you are told to fast.

Day Surgery – What to Bring

Make sure you have everything listed below ready to show hospital staff:
• Medicare card
• Health insurance details
• Family doctor’s name, address and phone number
• Paediatrician’s name, address and phone number
• Relevant x-rays and results from pathology tests
• List of medications and/or treatments your child is taking, as well as the medications themselves to show hospital staff
• Comforter, favourite toy, book, electronic device, colouring pencils or games

Make an appointment to see Dr Anthony Dilley at Sydney Children’s Surgery in Gymea or Randwick, or Dr Carolyn Russell in Gymea, Randwick or Liverpool.

Please call 02-9540 4409 to speak with our helpful reception staff, or complete our online contact form.