Paediatric Surgeon, Gymea, Sutherland, Randwick, Liverpool

Meet Our Team in Sydney

We are dedicated surgeons committed to achieving the best possible outcome for your child. You will have peace of mind with continuity of care by a highly skilled and specialized team, for both public and private patients.

As a team we are able to provide continuous care. While you will primarily be cared for by one surgeon, our teamwork ensures that should they be unavailable, another member of the team can ensure prompt accessible care.

We understand your concerns, and seek to provide confidence in our care to your child through education, dedication and technically excellent service.

Dr Carolyn Russell and Dr Anthony Dilley with team at Sydney Chi

Meet Our Friendly Staff

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Vanessa Ball: Practice Manager (right)

Deborah Koska: Senior Receptionist

Julie Doherty: Registered Nurse (below)

Karen Gatherer: Registered Nurse

Justine Sayers: Registered Nurse

Make an appointment at Sydney Children’s Surgery to see Dr Anthony Dilley in Gymea or Randwick, or Dr Russell in Gymea, Randwick, Liverpool or Oran Park.

Please call 02-9540 4409 to speak with our helpful reception staff, or complete our online contact form.