Sydney Childrens Surgery Doctor Carolyn Russell and Doctor Anthony Dilley Paediatric Surgeons in Gymea Randwick Liverpool, Hypospadias repair surgery

Hypospadias Repair Surgery, Sydney

Hypospadias is a relatively common condition affecting around one in 250 males in Australia. It presents with varying degrees of severity, and a number of different procedures have been described to correct it – for these reasons it can be difficult for parents to find information relevant to their child on the internet.

While most hypospadias repairs are intended to be successful at the first procedure, up to 15-25% of boys may require further a further procedure to achieve the desired outcome.

Most boys under 18 months of age are unaware that their penis is ‘different’ to other parts of their body, it is recommended therefore that correction be complete by then while they are relatively unaware.

The Procedure

Assessment of the condition, and subsequent repair, is tailored to the position of the urethral opening, the degree of bend (chordee) in the penis, the asymmetric foreskin that is usually present, and any flattened appearance of the head of the penis.

Undescended testes surgery

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